I am pretty much the luckiest person in the world.  I have an amazing husband, family, friends, and life.  How can it be that I have such a charmed life, while so many people around me struggle or face daily challenges too hard to even imagine?  These are questions I ponder all the time, so when Active decided to start a corporate fundraising team to benefit the Monarch School I knew I had to get involved. 


I watched the video of homeless children whose lives had been changed by the safe environment provided by the Monarch School.  Children were afforded an amazing education molded to meet their special needs.  In many cases, these children attended school in spite of troubled family lives where parents laughed at any form of education.  These were children who had taken control of their own destinies in an effort to change a pattern they were born into. 


Lucky for me I have generous family and friends who felt equally strong about the necessity to give back.  I spent a bunch of time customizing my web page with relevant pictures, information, video links, daily updates, and Active’s donor album functionality.  Once my page was ready, I wrote a special email to everyone in my address book with details on how they could get involved and support a worthy cause.  The results were astounding.  People took action immediately.  In no time, I had raised over $1,000.


I was proud of how much I had raised, but I knew with a little more effort I could make an even bigger difference.  I began sending individual email pleas to my friends and also followed up with phone calls.  When people had questions about the charity, I made a huge effort to be as informative as possible.  As a result, I raised just under $3,000. 


In the end, I wasn’t able to run the half marathon.  Right after I started raising money, I discovered that I was pregnant.  With every good act, something even better follows.  The monarch butterflies had brought more joy into my life than I thought possible.  Hopefully, my fundraising efforts will help make even a small difference in someone’s life.  I know my life will never be the same. 


- Julie Woolf, Active Network employee.


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