I haven’t been much of a team participant for many years, so when I heard about participating in the 5K event as part of a team and that we were raising money for Monarch School, I became very enthusiastic about the idea.  My first 5K, and running event ever!  Imagine that…..

The 5K distance seemed a bit far out of my reach considering that I weighted over 300 lbs, have minor health issues, and rarely have spare time to work out.  I definitely had some obstacles to overcome.  Making a commitment to run with Team Active and raise money for Monarch School definitely gave me a push in the right direction.  Immediately after hearing about Team Active I registered for the AFC 5k.  And, since I needed some loving support, I registered my husband; to which he says, “You signed me up to run on purpose?”  I couldn’t stop laughing.   

Nearly a week before the event I had lost over 25 lbs. and obtained other health benefits that impressed my doctor during my pre-run assessment visit.  This accomplishment would not have been possible if Team Active hadn’t formed and shined in my face on May 23rd.  Having this team to be a part of and raise money with is priceless.  My husband and I finished hand in hand at 49:49; yes, slow in comparison, however we finished!  Our ultimate goal was to finish (under the 1 hour time limit) and we even beat the 50 minute mark J

Team Active picked the best possible cause to raise money for and support.  I was aware of Monarch School through previous donation campaigns that I participated in (donating Christmas present items and school supplies).  Monarch School means that children in our community will have their needs met, have a choice in their successes, and have dreams with the reality of actually reaching those stars.  Knowing that I would be supporting such an amazing organization definitely kept me going during my preparation for the 5K run.  The monetary support that my friends, family and coworkers contributed to Monarch School provided support needed to keep me going and fulfill my commitment.  I feel that it has brought my life and my relationships to a higher level by opening me up to generosity, compassion and awareness.

Companies that form teams to participate and fundraise in otherwise individual sports are really helping to create a movement in supporting a healthier, cohesive, and caring employment family.

Cheers to The Active Network, Inc. and my fellow Team Active mates!

- Christy Pluciennik, Active Network employee.


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